Please get familiar with the terms and conditions prior to playing on our website. All of the listed terms and conditions are hereafter referred to as “Conditions.” When opening an account / registering at BuranCasino.com (hereafter called “Casino” or “Website”) you are expressing your agreement to the Conditions, the Privasy Policy, rules of any of the games, any conditions of the advertising actions, bonuses and special promotions that are located within the Website. Prior to accepting the Conditions, we ask that you get familiar with them. If you do not agree to accept and follow all of the Conditions, please refrain from opening an account and/or using the Website. Further use of the Website will indicate your acceptance of the Conditions. Conditions were enacted on October 1st, 2016.


2.1 Tranello Ltd. is a company operating BuranCasino.com. Tranello Ltd. located at Grigory Afxentiou, 133, Agios Dometius, 2369, Nikosia, Cyprus. Tranello Ltd is fully liable for any acts of their employees, or any agent, branch or entity to which activities are outsourced.

2.1.1 Araxio Development N.V. is incorporated and licensed under the laws of Curaçao, Netherland Antilles and operates its regulated activities in terms of Licence No. 8048/JAZ.> 

2.2 You may use the Website’s services only if you have reached the age of majority according to the acting legislation.

2.3 You must immediately leave the website if you have not yet reached the age of 18.

2.4 The Casino does not provide any assurances or guarantees with regards to the legality of the Website or its use in the case that gambling is prohibited in your jurisdiction or if the legality of gambling is absent in the normative acts of your jurisdiction.

2.5 People living in the territories of United States of America, United Kingdom,  Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Israel, the Netherlands, , Ukraine (including the territory of Crimea), the Republic of Moldova, Curaçao do not have the right to open accounts or add monetary funds to accounts. The Casino reserves the right to change the list of excluded jurisdictions without forewarning. If you live in or are located in one of these jurisdictions, you agree not to open and/or use your account on the Website.

2.5.1 Apart of the aforementioned jurisdictions, please note, that some of the software providers represented at BuranCasino.com prohibit Customers of certain jurisdictions from playing games for real money bets.

2.6 The Casino does not advocate for gambling games and also does not show intent to provide anyone with the capability to use the Website where such use would be illegal.

2.7 You assume a unilateral and full responsibility in defining whether the use of the Website is legal according to the legal acts of your jurisdiction. Please consult a legal specialist in your jurisdiction in case you have doubts about the legality of such access.

2.8 The Casino retains the right to notify the responsible government bodies as well as other online casino operators, online service providers and banks, payment and credit card processors, electronic payment providers, as well as financial institutions in case of fraudulent, illegal or suspicious activity. For your part, you agree to provide full cooperation to investigations of such activities.


3.1 The Casino offers access to games only through a protected network using technology for encrypting personal data.

3.2 It is forbidden to use the Website for commercial purposes or in someone else’s name. It is allowed to use the Website only for personal use in gaming.

3.3 Only one gaming account is allowed for your real personal data. Opening an account is allowed only for one person, using one address, one phone number, and one IP address. Any other accounts that are opened on the Website will be considered as “Duplicate Accounts.” In that case, the Casino reserves the right to close all of the Duplicate Accounts and to apply the following sanctions: each action performed using a Duplicate Account is considered void. If while the Duplicate Account was active, monetary funds, bonuses, or winnings were taken out of the Duplicate Account, they will be lost and the Casino retains the right to ask for them back. BuranCasino.com reserves the right to cancel bets, reject bonuses of any kind, cancel participation in any promotional activity, as well as permanently ban any client from the bonus program of the Website. It also reserves the right to disallow opening an account or close an existing account without prior written notice or any explanation.

3.4 You must keep your login / username and password confidential and not disclose this information to third parties. You take on full responsibility for any kind of action and transactions that are made on your gaming account. Any party that enters your gaming account using the correct login and password will be considered as you and any transactions will be considered as valid. The Casino does not assume any responsibility for third parties accessing your account or for any losses connected with the unauthorized use of your account.

3.5 It is forbidden to use the login and password of another player to play on the Website.

3.6 The Casino uses modern coding methods for personal and other kinds of data provided by the client to our server. This allows us to protect our clients from any kinds of illegal manipulation on behalf of third parties. In the case that the Casino suspects that you attempted to break or figure a way around our security system, the Casino reserves the right to immediately block your gaming account and suspend your access to the Website’s services, as well as inform the government or relevant authorities.

3.7 The Casino takes it upon itself to use your private information only according to our Confidentiality Policy and never to provide it to third parties. The Casino reserves the right to request additional information from you that will be used and kept in accordance with our Confidentiality Policy.

3.8 The Casino reserves the right to disclose personal information to third parties where required by law, regulatory and other relevant authority.


4.1 Your responsibilities include finding out if accessing and using the Casino, making deposits to the online casino and receiving winnings are legal according to the active legislation.

4.2 You assume full responsibility for paying all taxes, collections and other expenditures associated with any win from using the Casino. You agree to compensate the Casino for all expenses or losses that the Website may incur as a result of any liability or requirement presented to us by a government body due to requirements to hold taxes or similar requirements connected with your requests to withdraw funds.

4.3 You must let us know of any changes in your registration data.

4.4 You must provide us with all of the necessary information that the Casino may request in order to manage your account. This includes, but is not limited to, verification of your identity, notary-signed documentation, verification of your address, proof of rent payments, banking requisites, and notes from banking accounts. You must provide these documents immediately after the request is made.

4.5 You understand and agree that bonuses and promotions have their own terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are listed in the relevant section of the Website. In case issues arise about the conditions of these promotions, bonuses and special offers, the terms and conditions of the promotions, bonuses and special offers will be the guide.

4.6 Any use of the payment system services will be conducted in accordance with the rules of use stated by the Provider of the payment system.

4.7 You accept and agree that the result of the games in the Casino is defined by a generator of random numbers and you accept the results of all such games. In case the gaming results on your computer and on the server of the Casino are different, the results on the server of the Casino are considered true and you accept and agree that the balance of your account on the Casino’s server is the balance of your account in a final and mandatory decision.

4.8 Any use of the payment system will be conducted in accordance to the rules of use stated by the Provider of the payment system, without voiding your responsibilities to us under this Agreement.

4.9 You agree to avoid performing any action that is capable of bringing harm to the Website or its reputation.

4.10 Your responsibility includes performing routine checks for updates in accordance with section 10.


5.1 You are acting on your own behalf.

5.2 You are a competent and law-abiding user.

5.3 You do not have a gambling addiction.

5.4 All data and information that you have provided when registering at our Casino is truthful and real and you will continue to update this information in case of any changes.

5.5 You fully realize the fact that there is a possibility to lose monetary funds while playing at an online casino.

5.6 You are not using monetary funds that you have received in an illegal way or from illegal sources.

5.7 You have not entered into collusion and will not make an attempt to collude directly or indirectly with another user of the Casino at the moment of playing at this Casino.

5.8 The credit/debit card that you are using for your gaming balance belongs to you, is not stolen and has not been lost by another person.

5.9 You have never had a gaming balance on this website and you have also never taken out money through any account belonging to a player registered at this Casino.

5.10 When you open a gaming balance, you will not provide false, incomplete, or misleading information that does not correspond to reality.


General Rules:

6.1 When you open a gaming account at Casino you agree that the financial operations connected with your gaming account will be processed directly by the Casino, an operator of a payment system, or by a third party designated to perform this activity.

6.2 Operations connected with making deposits or withdrawing funds are made through the payment system of your choosing. Withdrawal is done to the same credit card or e-walled used to fund the gaming account.

6.3 We guarantee that operations connected with depositing or withdrawing will be conducted immediately and without delays.

6.4 The gaming balance is not a bank balance and therefore cannot be subject to insurance, asset-backing or guarantees of any other kind. A deposit does not earn any interest.

6.5 You have the right to top up your balance using an electronic transfer of funds using any of the available means of payment in the “My Balance” section.

6.6 When you make a deposit, you also grant permission to pay fines or dues connected with using the Casino. You also agree to avoid recalling the funds, annulling the deposits, or else you will have to compensate the Casino for the costs associated with the recall.

6.7 The Casino reserves the right to define the minimum and maximum sums of the deposit to the account as it sees fit.

6.8 Deposits cannot be recalled or paid back.

6.8.1 The Company is not liable for any downtime, server disruptions, lagging, or any technical or political disturbance to the game play. However, we realise that exceptional circumstances may occur. Therefore, we accept requests for refund for the following reasons: technical problems or technical problems at third party providers. The Refunds may be given solely at the discretion of the management. The refund will be processed within 24 hours.

6.9 You can withdraw any winnings from your gaming account by making a withdrawal request in accordance with the rules of withdrawal described further. The Casino will pay you the relevant funds detailed in the withdrawal request confirmed by the Casino on the condition that you have provided full information on how these funds should be transferred to you.

6.10 Minimum funds rollover before withdrawal is x3. In cases when the fund turnaround (bet system) on the balance is less than the amount of the deposit, when you withdraw your funds the Casino reserves the right to retain a commission of 10% (but no less than 0.50 USD) from the withdrawn sum as an expense associated with the payment system, and 15% if your balance was topped up with a bank card.

6.11 You agree that the Casino reserves the right to cancel any payments in the event of you being suspected of fraud, collusion or illegal activity or if the Casino is monitoring the account balance or the received withdrawal request. In these cases, the Casino may start and/or take part in and/or help in the investigation of the circumstances and you agree to support and aid any such investigation.

6.12 The Website will attempt to satisfy your wishes in terms of payment method, however, it cannot give guarantees. Therefore, the Casino may work through and perform payments using other payment systems that differ from the one your requested be used for your withdrawal.

6.13 The daily limit for funds withdrawal is EUR 1,000 / SEK 10,000 / PLN 4,000 / BTC 0,5.

The weekly limit for funds withdrawal is EUR 3,000 / SEK 60,000 / PLN 12,000 / BTC 2.

The monthly limit for funds withdrawal is EUR 15,000 / SEK 150,000 /PLN 60,000 / BTC 7.

VIP customers and Jackpot winners can be an exception.

6.14 There are no limits to the sum of funds that the player may withdraw in total. The withdrawal limits for certain periods of time are set by Financial Department of @SITE_URL@.

6.15 Requests to withdraw funds are worked through by the Financial Department within 24 hours of the request being made after the account is verified through the provision of documents that confirm its holder’s identity. The Financial Department performs the processing of requests for withdrawing monetary funds from 06:00 in the morning to 17:00 in the evening GMT. You agree that you are familiar with and agree to the timetable of withdrawing funds. After the Financial Department has worked through the request to transfer funds, any further delays in processing payments are not the Website’s responsibility.

6.16 Closing the gaming account: you may close your account at any time by contacting the Support Service on the condition that your balance is not negative as a result of any obligations arising from your participation in the games of the Casino. When you close your gaming account, we will return your funds from the balance in accordance with clause 6.10.

6.17 Self-exclusion request: you can contact Support Service Team via e-mail: @CONTACT_EMAIL@, and we will close your account within next 24 hours. It's the player's responsibility to notify @SITE_URL@ of any other accounts the player might have and promise not to open any other accounts. @SITE_URL@ will make reasonable efforts to try to prevent the opening of new accounts but it's the player's sole responsibility to make sure no other accounts are created. @SITE_URL@ cannot be held accountable for potential losses on other accounts.

6.18 Casino holds customer funds separate from its company funds in dedicated Client Bank Accounts. This set-up ensures that funds held in player accounts are kept secure in case of insolvency. Consequently, in the event of our insolvency, your funds are protected and shall be returned to you.

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